Our core team

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What is Very Tall?

We’re a crack team of writers, videographers, journalists, social media experts, photographers and editors who love telling stories that engage, excite and entertain.

Because we are Very Tall, we help your brand stand out from the crowd, reach further and connect with target audiences.

What can Very Tall do for me?

We are outrageously creative and buzzing with ideas to make your brand shine.

From planning your editorial content, then writing, recording or filming it, curating and scheduling on your digital platforms and finally strategizing a social media campaign, our team will help you produce the volume of original content you need to connect with your target audience.

What we do encourages and inspires real consumer engagement, helping you to increase sales.

Can you connect me with incredible artists?

We can and we do. Very Tall have a reputation for treating artists, bands and creative types right.

As such, we have great relationships with labels, management and PRs and are able to parlay those good vibes into partnering up with brands to create something very special.

We love teaming up innovative brands with on-trend artists.

What if I already have an in-house content and marketing team?

Whether you are a challenger brand or established player, sometimes there are simply not enough hours in the day - or pairs of hands - to create all the content you need.

We’re here to help make things better and easier for you. As an extension of your team, Very Tall are able to quickly mobilise creative resources giving you the flexibility to produce innovative content, often at a fraction of the cost of in-house teams, saving you considerable time and money on-boarding or sourcing editorial talent.

What’s your area of expertise?

Through our network of brilliant collaborators, we are well equipped to take on projects of any size and from most sectors.

Our team come from diverse backgrounds, from Film, Music and the Arts, through to Sports, Social Affairs, Technology, Gaming and beyond - even Horticulture.

Whether it’s standalone piecemeal content or fully managed, digital brand publishing programmes, at the end of the day it’s all about a commitment to high-quality editorial… Or, as we like to say, telling great stories.

Shall we talk then?

We would love to understand more about your story and help bring it to life! Say hello and let’s make things better.

Glen Ferris - Managing Director

Glen’s journalism career was kickstarted when geezer director Guy Ritchie picked him as Film 4’s Young Critic Of The Year. Now not so young, he has 17 years’ worth of experience across multiple platforms and in news and entertainments journalism. Glen has worked in print, online, and on both sides of the camera for Red Bull, Empire, AlloCiné, Time Out and many more. His extensive background and geeky knowledge makes him the king of bright ideas. Glen is actually very tall.


Andy Gunn – Client Account Director

Andy’s middle name is Kent and he still cannot fathom why. However, with over 10 years in sales and marketing helping clients realise the value of a quality user experience, he enjoys a good story and loves to help people start their own. Working closely with Very Tall’s partners, he is convinced that because we have two ears and one mouth it is better to listen first and sing later. Nothing makes him happier* than helping great brands connect with people through high-quality digital content. [*Disclaimer: other happiness sources are available]


Greg Barnes – Filmmaker/Director

Growing up in the middle of Devon’s countryside,Greg learned almost all he knows from his dad’s extensive film collection. When the precious VHS resource was exhausted, it seemed only natural to pick up a camera and contribute to the library. And he hasn’t stopped - VHS may have died a death, but Greg still lives on, residing in London and making music videos, short films and documentaries for numerous big labels and brands. He’s the most handsome man on our team.


Chris Parkin – Creative Director

After stapling together fanzines as a teenager, Chris won promotion to the world of proper arts journalism and a job at Time Out London in 2003. He’s since worked, both in print and online, for Red Bull, the Guardian, BBC, NME, British Airways’ High Life and many more. Every year he ensures there’s a strange mix of politics, druids and CBeebies presenters featured in Glastonbury Festival’s official onsite newspaper. Just don’t get him started on non-league football; he’ll never shut up.


Matt Collins – Master of Sound

Matt Collins has spent 20 years avidly abusing his ears, consuming sound in its many raw and processed forms. While Matt is most often engineering and producing live and studio-based music, he can also be spied up a hill or ranging a windswept island somewhere, seeking out new and bizarre field recordings for his ever-increasing sound library.


Bella Todd - Contributor

Bella is an arts journalist. She writes for publications including The Guardian, Time Out and The Stage, and edited the Time Out guidebook to Brighton. She also works with organisations committed to diversity in the arts, runs arts writing and journalism workshops, and is a Trustee of New Writing South. She is the proud owner of a fag butt discarded by Nick Cave.